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12 autumn candles to make your home feel super toasty

What is the perfect remedy for cooling temperatures and diminishing hours of daylight? A warming and luxuriously scented candle, flickering away on your coffee table, bedside table, desk or mantel. Naturally, this time of year, the best autumn scents are the ones that capture the cosy aromas of the season, from woodsmoke to cinnamon or fig to the iconic pumpkin spice.

Like most home decor aficionados, we’re a little obsessed with the sumptuous scents that help create a mood as much as a look in our homes. Read on to find some of the best autumn fragrances - whether it’s a covetable “it” candle or just one that helps make this season a little bit cosier.

1. Sweet Orange & Cinnamon - £16.50

One of our favourite scents for the cooler autumnal evenings, a soft sweet orange and warm spicy cinnamon candle made using a 100% plant wax blend of soy and coconut wax with pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

By The Clovelly Candle Company

2. Spiced Apple - £12

Like your home to smell like something beautiful is baking? This spiced apple autumnal candle is so good, you coud taste it. It will leave you feeling cosy on the coldest of days. These beautiful matt black are also made from recycled glass and burn for up to 50 hours, fully immersing your home with cosy fragrance.

By Sophie Ellen Home

3. Egyptian Amber - £16.99

This vanilla, musk and sandalwood candle is an alluring, woody fragrance, offering sweet notes of elegant, warm vanilla, making it a popular choice for cold evenings. You can also light this candle way into the festive period thanks to its classic fragrance.

By Millie Rose

4. Pumpkin Spice - £12

Can't go and pick your own pumpkin? This delicious pumpkin spice candle will make you feel like you did. Poured in tin candles, made with soy wax and featuring a crackling wood wick, sink into those Autumn feels with notes of pumpkin, sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and spicy ginger for an optimal cosy mood.

By Wax Lane

5. Sandalwood & Black Pepper - £22

Fill your home with the luxurious fragrances of a sandalwood and black pepper candle with its warm, smooth and creamy wood scent, perfect for the colder days mixed with a sharp, fresh, aromatic smell of black pepper. Each candle also comes with a steel lid to help keep it dust free and hold in that amazing smell for longer.

By Willow & Thyme

6. Mulled Cider - £24

Enjoy a festive tipple in the cooler months? Try this blend to bring in the winter cheer with the spicy scent of a hot, spicy mulled cider candle. Sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are all the spices you need for creating that lovely warm atmosphere when enjoying a cosy night in.

By Lib's Aromatherapy

7. Grapefruit, Eucalyptus & Rosemary - £12

Made with long-lasting coconut wax, this beautiful rosemary and eucalyptus candle packs a hit of fresh grapefruit that hits you with a fresh, dewy, early morning autumn kinda vibe.

By Ayamas

8. Bergamot, Lemon Leaf and Warming Spices - £25

An intensely rich bergamot, lemon leaf and warming spices candle, enhanced by fresh eucalyptus, lavender and geranium, befitting any room with a flickering fire and drawn curtains. This spicy and sensual, earthy and rich candle is the best of both worlds, especially during the cosier months. We also love the name.

By Olsten Soy

9. Clove, Orange & Cedar Leaf - £25

This orange with spicy clove and fresh cedar leaf candle is a wonderfully toasty combination for the Autumn and Winter months. Made with soy wax and natural fragrance oils, this is intensely sharp and fresh with a woody camphor scent and the jar is a lovely addition to any room.

By Hand Poured by Sarah

10. Wild Fig & Cassis - £15

This fresh yet rugged fruit contrasts against its fragrant leaves, giving you a tart fig, raisin and cassis candle with a complimentary backdrop of subtle foliage and spice. 100% of their profits are also given to projects supporting women affected by domestic violence.

By Lux Luz

11. Myrrh and Tonka Dark Vanilla - £18.50

Think a warm hug for your home. This vanilla, jasmine and cedar candle is a luxurious scent with notes of orchids, magnolia, lemon and bergamot. The opulent fragrance of myrrh accented with warm almonds makes this candle the cosiest fragrance of them all.

By The Cosy Candle Company

12. Lime, Lemon and Orange with Rosemary, Lavandin, Spearmint and Anise - £13

A beautiful amber glass apothecary style jar, and wood-wick for that crackly, autumnal feel every time. This fresh lemon, orange with rosemary candle with notes of lavandin, spearmint and anise, not to mention the amber glass for that gorgeous glow, gives a relaxing ambiance.

By The Smelly Cow Company

So grab a bottle of red or a nice cup of hot chocolate and light up something warm this autumn. Whether you enjoy the scent of tobacco, leather and musk or orange, cinnamon and eucalyptus, a good candle can make you feel like you're wrapped in a warm blanket - which is exactly where we want to be with the evenings getting a little darker and lot cooler.


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