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Home truly is where the heart is, and why we have a special collection of Wonderfully British small businesses making sustainable furniture and decorations for our homes and gardens.   

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Concrete & Wax

Suffolk, UK

A collection of handmade concrete homewares including modular, stackable candle holders and fragranced pillar candles designed to let you design the light in your home. All pieces are poured in small batches in Suffolk.

Use code WONBRIT10 for 10% off your first order.

Wonderful Qualities

Handmade | Locally sourced ingredients | Cruelty-free | Recyclable packaging | Striving for zero waste

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La Zouch Soaps

Leicestershire, UK

Handmade and moisturising vegan soaps, candles, moisturising lip balms and scented steamers made in the heart of the National Forest, surrounded by greenery. La Zouch Soaps use their love of nature to create a growing range of products using different scents according to the season.
Free of sulphates and parabens, they use pure essential oils and natural ingredients to make soft, moisturising bars of beautiful soap.

Wonderful Qualities

Handmade | Plastic-free | Vegan, candles | Natural essential oils

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Dorset, UK

Carefully curated collection of eco essentials for your home, all handmade in Dorset. From reusable cotton pads to face cloths and bin liners, this collection provides products to help you improve sustainability in all areas of your home.

Wonderful Qualities

Handmade | Eco-friendly | Plastic free | Zero waste | Vegan

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Aurore Knight Designs

Aurore is a self taught Fibre Artist using British sources materials, with a passion for making textured and colourful art & home accessories. You'll find a selection of handmade, unique woven wall hangings, macrame and rainbows. Perfect for gifting to someone special or to bring your own walls to life.

Wonderful Qualities

Handmade | British materials | Recyclable packaging

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The Cosy Candle Co

Worthing, UK

A family run candle company in Sussex and we hand pour our candles, which are all made from natural soy wax and oils. Each scent handpicked to create mood boosting candles. 100% eco friendly, with every material being recyclable and all ingredients Vegan friendly. All materials are sourced within the UK.
Refill and save with free empty candle returns and 20% off your next scent.

Wonderful Qualities

Handcrafted | 100% Soy wax | Essential oils

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She Sells Shell Smells

Southend-on-Sea, UK

Treat yourself to the gift of wellbeing with these handmade ceramic diffusers inspired by the sea. Ready to absorb and release your chosen essential oil blend...inhale, exhale. Slow living home accessories and wearables perfect for that holistic lifestyle.

Wonderful Qualities

Handmade | Recycled materials | Recyclable packaging | Natural